Kensi Blye

Kensi Blye, portrayed by Daniela Ruah, is a Junior Field agent on the NCIS Office of Special Projects Team stationed in Los Angeles, introduced in the back-door pilot "Legend" from NCIS. Kensi came from a Marine family and still drives to Camp Pendleton Marine Base every weekend. At some point her father was stationed at Camp Lejeune during her childhood. She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, can read lips and knows Morse code. It is revealed by Kensi herself in The Only Easy Day that she was once the new girl and had to climb through air ducts because she was the smallest, and also had to wear bikinis on assignment when needed. She is very talented with undercover work. She was seen particularly upset when Dom went missing and was seen after washing dishes at his place. She collects jelly bracelets and is known to have at least seventy-two. Her father was found dead and unrecognizable so they had to use dental records. Her favorite movie is Titanic, which she was seeing with her friends while her father was murdered. Kensi has been partnered with Marty Deeks in season two. It is also revealed in season 2 that she was once engaged to a marine, called Jack, around about 6 years ago who disappear on Christmas morning after she helped him with his PTSD.

Marty Deeks

Marty Deeks (portrayed by Eric Christian Olsen) is the NCIS / LAPD Liaison Officer. He accepts this position at the end of the episode Hand-to-Hand, in which he co-operated with the team when their investigation overlapped with his undercover op. For unknown reasons many in LAPD do not like Deeks. At the end of his second appearance Fame, he tells Kensi that he will be going on a long-term undercover job. In the same episode, it is revealed through conversations between Hetty and Callen that they don't actually need a liaison officer, Hetty has been watching Deeks for some time and her true intention is for him to become an NCIS agent. Deeks does not appear to be aware of this. He appears as a series regular during season 2, during which time he reveals that he has never lived more than two miles away from the home where he grew up. He is partnered with Kensi Blye.

Why this fanlist?

Well, I like both characters, I like how they interact with one another, I'm not really into romance, of course you can join the fanlist if you want them as a couple but also if you like them as friends, or only as partners. As website says:

Fanlistings are to cover all aspects of the relationship - platonic, romantic, antagonistic, or family.

and I'd add 'frienship', too. I'm not saying that I won't be happy if they get together :P but right now I like what they have, if they remain funny as they are, I'm going to be happy anyway.

Why "Yin and Yang"?

At first this fanlisting title was "Undercover Allies" and in my opinion it suited them for quite some time; but then I found out that just "allies" didn't cover their relationship at all and add that 3.15 Crimeleaon happened and here a new title: "I am too your type". Over the episodes I was tempted to change the title quite a few times because there was always something new that suited them more than "I am too your type", but never did. When Kensi went away because of Daniela's pregnancy, I lost interest and I actually didn't watch some episodes but my love for them was too much so when Kensi came home in 5.20 I watched again and I did enjoy 5.21 (yeah, I found 5.20 boring...) but then 5.22 happened with Deeks' "you're the yin to my yang" and I had to change the title again, I mean that actually screems what they are, not to mention that that "you're the yin to my yang... the right to my wrong, I'm the good to your evil... the beast to my beauty" between Kensi and Deeks and the previous bomb scare, pretty much made me obsessed with densi again and let me remember why I liked them, something that lacked so much in the previous 10 episodes... ergo the new layout ;) (#5).

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