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Site Updates

About Densi fanlisting

Written On: February 17, 2012

I'm about to change some things:

* New title! From "Undercover Allies" to "I Am Too Your Type",
* Changing layout, skin #3 was made a long time ago so
* I'm going to make a new one soon (that will be skin #4) and I'll retire skin #1 I decided to keep skin #1 because I found the font and was able to change the title :P
* Adding the new quotes... about time right?

Stay tuned ;)

Edit: Skin #3 is up and running...


Written On: September 15, 2011

I've added a new page to the Densi fanlisting: Videos; this page lists videos I really like and that explain well what Densi means. Some have a history that is totally AU, some don't but the music, time and how they are build make them awesome.

I am thinking of adding a page of characteristics for Deeks and Kensi, but I need to watch all the episodes again... I think I'll start with Deeks because the episodes with him are my favorite. Moreover, for Kensi, I'd also have to watch the two Legends and I hate them... so I need to find the courage and be brave to watch them... (I hate them because the DC team is in them... I usually fast forward everything unless the LA team is on, well I did watch them only twice...) And with Characteristics I mean what we learn about their private life (example, DoB, family, shcool/college etc...)

And in less than a week, Densi quotes will start again =D but I need to think of another way to display them... maybe divide them in seasons because the page is quite long (and it's only one season plus two episodes...)

Densi Quotes

Written On: April 13, 2011

Updated the Densi quotes with the episode 2.21 Rocket Man; as soon as I graphic, I'll add banners, too (and maybe icons... I need to find inspiration for these.)

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